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         Shandong MOCO Chemical Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “MOCO”), was founded on May 21st 2014, with operation offices in Shanghai and Shandong, the associate companies  New-unity Energy,it   is an petrochemical   research and engineering  company .MOCO has reached a long-term strategic  cooperation agreement  with many domestic  equipment   manufactures and  installation companies, resources sharing ,in-depth business cooperation ,to jointly develop the market .

          MOCO is a comprehensive company integgrating chemical fertilizer and petrochemical project contracting ,engineering design and technical services,import and export  trade .There are  two business divisions in MOCO company , Project and Commerce Division.

       Project  Division mostly deals with the fertilizer,chemical  and petrochemical plant  contracting,engineering design and technical service, in some cases ,also the turn-key works in cooperation with the  local construction companies.

       Commerce Division is  deals in industry   equipments, materials, electrics,instrument ,spare parts,chemicals and fertilizer   trading etc.

       MOCO development history:
MOCO Chemical Co.,Ltd.,   was founded on May 21st    2014,with   registered capital 30 million RMB;

In July 2016, certified by" ISO 9001 Quality management system";
In October 2016, obtaining the" Qualification for foreign project contracting";
In 2017,Establish a joint venture with associated company New-unity in Shanghai ,and the head office of MOCO moved to Shanghai.