• About MOCO

        MOCO Corporation was started in 2011, its a Chemical and Petrochemical EPC group, the subsidiary members are Shaanxi JSYC construction engineering Co., Ltd. Which was established on 2011, the main business is for domestic projects construction and installation. in 2019, Xian Joiner Engineering Technology Co., Ltd was founded for technical development and research, and in 2017 MOCO TECH LIMITED was set up for overseas chemical, fertilizer, and petrochemical projects contract, equipment import and export business.

        MOCO Company has reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with many domestic universities, engineering institutes, equipment manufactures also, coordinate technological development, resources sharing, in-depth business cooperation, to jointly develop the market.

        MOCO is a comprehensive company integrating chemical, fertilizer and petrochemical project contracting, engineering design and technical services, import and export trade. There are two business divisions in MOCO company, Project and Commerce Division.

        Project Division mostly deals with the fertilizer, chemical & petrochemical plant contracting, engineering design and technical service, in some cases, also the turn-key works in cooperation with the local construction companies. 

        Commerce Division deals in industry equipment, materials, electrics, instrument, spare parts, chemicals and fertilizer trading etc. such as Column, Vessel, Exchanger, Pump, SOP, Calcium nitrate, Potassium nitrate, Magnesium sulfate, sulfur, bitumen, FCC slurry etc.

    Logo and it's symbolic meaning

    MOCO LOGO-C.jpg

        The meaning of "MOCO" is "MORE COOPERATION", we are willing and hope to cooperate with our clients for long  term.

        The letter "MOCO" in the logo comes from taking each two letters from two words,  "MO" from "MORE" and "CO" from "COOPERATION".

        The top part color of the logo is red, which means the enthusiasm of MOCO to work and customers;

        The middle color is white, means pure and honest. It states that MOCO always pays attention to integrity and seek perfection;

        The bottom part of the blue color implies that MOCO is always calm. careful and strict in the work.

Main techology of MOCO


        Potassium sulfate (SOP), Magnesium sulfate, Potassium nitrate, Calcium (ammonium) nitrate, Ammonia sulfate.

°Chemicals :

        Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid (based on HCl process), Hydrochloric acid desorption, Sulphonation and detergent, Calcium Chloride(flake, pellet).

°Petrol-chemical :

        Atmospheric and vacuum distillation, heavy oil Hydrogenation,Waste lubricating oil reprocess, Heavy oil (heavy and high sulfur content) EUU hydrocracking.